The adventures of The Other Anders

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hello! Time for an update...
So much has happened since last time, and I don't always remember to take pictures of it all. Last week I had no less than 8 friends from Norway visiting to help celebrate my birthday for 4 full days. We saw several concerts, and topped it all with a huge party at my place on the saturday together with many of my Danish friends. I am very fortunate to have so many good friends, and I am humble and impressed by the fact that so many people spend so much time and money to come visit me. Thank you all, and thank you for an unforgettable birthday!

Most of the pictures this time are from some of the concerts I have been to. Music and concerts is a huge part of my life, so it is probably not a coincidence... Pour yourselves a cup of fresh coffee, lean back, and dive in!

2006-10-27: Liga Elf(DK) @ Studenterhusets fredagscafé, Copenhagen.
I have booked one band a week for Studenterhuset this fall, and it has been a success.
This friday Liga Elf did a great concert of rock, blues, country and reggea before a full house.

2006-10-27 Copenhagen, just around the corner from where I live.
Mikal on visit from Norway, and the top of the Round Tower in the background.

2006-10-26: Textures(NL) @ Lades, Copenhagen.
Technical epic and brutal metal.
I and my friends use to go to Dr Evil's Lab Of Rock at Lades Kælder almost every thursday to check out mostly unknown bands from the Danish metal underground, as well as the occasional international act playing there. Textures from Tilburg, The Netherlands were a new band to me, and they impressed me a lot.
I was also the DJ that night, that was fun!

2006-10-26: EXCM(DK) @ Lades, Copenhagen.
I made a trip to Oslo for a couple of days to see two Motorpsycho concerts, meet friends, and take care of a couple of things at work:

2006-10-26 Blindern, Oslo: I have always thought the fall is the most beautiful season in Norway.
2006-10-25: Motorpsycho(N) @ Rockefeller, Oslo.
My gig #123 with this band, and still they manage to leave me happy and out of words...

2006-10-20 The Rock, Copenhagen: Brann-fan Vilhelm to the left.
Both had probably had 10 beers, but only one had been to the dentist recently...

2006-10-20: Krokus(CH) @ The Rock, Copenhagen

2006-10-19: Bloodshot(B) @ Lades, Copenhagen.

2006-10-19: Psy:Code(DK) @ Lades, Copenhagen.
Modern metal.
Rune, Norwegian friend and room-mate.
See you next time!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welcome to the adventures of The Other Anders

Moving to a different country means it's hard to keep as good contact with family and friends as Anders likes to, so he hopes you will check in here from time to time to find out what and where he is about for the time being.

What you see in the intro picture is a very happy Anders on his 34th birthday, taken in the kitchen of his cool downtown Copenhagen penthouse. He had just read some very nice letters and greetings from his family and friends!

Wonderful Copenhagen:

The view from his bedroom window to the south

The view to the north...

Ok folks, that's at least a start. Keep checking back on a regular basis. Anders loves you all!